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SensMood introduces Fragrance Art Workshops in Scottsdale, which will help you discover nuances of scents around us while learning about its impact on our daily life and moods. The program is based on the “fragrance-mood” connection or sensory psychology guide to mood profiles of fragrances termed as “Synesthesia”.  The workshop’s primary focus is to provoke the sensorial and emotion connections of aromatic notes by utilizing tools of colors, visual imagery, and the sense of taste. SensMood will help its participants express themselves in the creative ways by learning how to intertwine all 5 senses. Have you ever thought “what color does a “rose” smell like?” Roses actually don't smell “red” but  smell “white”. Roses generate an emotion of purity, clean, feels soft, reminds people of the scent of baby powder, which makes the emotional connection to caring and gentle. We are all connected through memories - roses can smell like the scent of a mother, grandmother, bar soaps, comfort zone which are strong reminiscent of strong moments in the subconscious mind. 

SensMood enhances the power of sensory aptitude by learning how we make emotional connections to life and products around us. We have an amazing capacity to react naturally to any visual and we subconsciously make the emotional and color connections when we make purchases, react to food, or places we visit. 

SensMood’s mission is to bring people together, build cohesiveness in the community, connect local communities and people to work together. SensMood gives back to the community by hosting events for charity,  nonprofit organizations, support small businesses. Additionally we give back our knowledge to the community via educational institutions, schools, universities and art programs. 

And because Smell + Taste = Flavor, we host exclusive Scent, Wine & Dinner Pairings Event? Its a Sensory Experience you should never miss. 

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Locations: Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona