Sensory Psychology & Art Workshops for Gifted Kids and Brilliant Minds can be taught with alternative learning. Your child may be the next Actor, Poet, Inventor or Creator of the next leading trend. We have special programs for kids that have ADHD and can use Sensory Science & Art as a way of learning outside the box!


SensMood presenting "Perfume is an Art" at Taliesin West
Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture School Masters Program

Unveil the mystery of "Perfume as an Art." Complete your degree with a course by building the connection of emotion, mood, beauty and passion to interlink it with art, form, structure, design, perception, nature, harmony and symphony.

The formalized 2 to 10 week program is designed to recreate a new perspective of art using thee sense of smell and developing a vocabulary using the language of perfumery. Artists can connect laterally to any other form or art after they learn to describe an emotion using the tools of color, imagery, paint, music and scent!

We are extremely excited to share our knowledge on the art of perfume back to the local community as an educational consulting in Scottsdale . We also offer executive coaching classes for most talented people on your team. 

Suggest your local University, School, College, After School Program, Senior Centers or Children with Disabilities about our educational program at SensMood. Summer and Spring Programs are available. For those interested in more detail on pricing, programs and class timings please contact us :

Art Workshops & Sensory Psychology