Custom Perfume Studio

Need Essential Oils Guide or a Perfume Studio for your personalized fragrance ? CONTACT US!

Why us?

We have seasoned professionals with many successfully launches of consumer products including fragrance & R&D and Technical Solutions. Additionally we have 20 years of experience in olfactive and sensory training for all levels of employees which can be applied to QC, R&D, Marketing and Sales Teams. The knowledge of working for many years in the Corporate world playing many roles has been a valuable asset in working well with professionals and finding solutions in a fast paced environment with a creative team.

SensMood would be glad to help you build and customize your own fragrance or essential oil blend. We also do flavor development for cosmetics and food and beverages. We have 20+ years experience in working with Global Brands and R&D technical teams. We can find the perfect solution for the odor problem or help you create the perfect signature scent for your brand. 


Customize Your Own Perfume or Build your Own Fragrance

Build your Signature Brand Scent or Essential Oil Blend.

Fragrance Layering and Blending. 

Make our own Candle and Air Freshener Scents. 
Creative Fragrance or Flavor Development
Consumer Testing - Sensory Testing, Claims and Clinical Studies
New Business Development & Solutions
Raw Material Chemical & Pricing Solutions
Olfactive Training Camps and Certification Programs for QC, R&D, Brand Marketing & Sales ( short and long term programs available)
Safety & Regulatory ComplianceFragrance Safety Projects on IFRA, Allergen and all industry related regulations.

Design and Claims for: Natural Ingredients, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic claims, USDA Organic, Allergen Free, Hypoallergenic, 100% Natural, Malodor Control, Long Lasting Scent, Non GMO. 

Technical Flavor & Fragrance Solutions