Kids Workshops and Art Club after School is available for:

: KG to 2nd grade

: 3rd grade to 9th grade

: 10th grade to high school

:Gifted Kids - Brilliant Minds

: Autism and Dyslexia 

: Artists & Architects

:Cosmetic Science

Sensory Science & Art Club (Kids Workshops)
Kids of all ages will get to explore their creativity and engage

themselves in a unique ways that we live around in our daily life.

The workshops primary focus is to create participants’ awareness in

the sensory world by utilizing tools such as color, imagery, flavor and emotions.

This workshop will help kids express themselves in the creative aspects intertwining all 5 senses .

Mingling Color & Scent
Kids will smell a scent on a blotter and then paint it.
Kids have amazing capacity to react more naturally to scent and

make color connections subconsciously.

They paint colors just like innocent minds explore. 

Olfactive Memory & Tasting Smell
Explorers will get to connect different textures and

vivid paintings, foods and flavors that generate salivation.
They can develop a sense of awareness to their liking

and analyze marketed products in grocery stores

Why do fruits taste better with its skin?

The feeling of the fuzzy outer covering of a peach that generates

a velvety texture also creates a juicy peachy aroma which

makes the fruit taste yummier. 

Kids Workshops