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Iron Chef Mario Batali with Prena Mirchandani

My Story

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Two decades ago I interviewed with a "Master Perfumer", the creator of Perfumes. He taught me, anything can be expressed through scent. I learnt from him, how can happiness, glamour, sport, breeze and sassy can be captured and sold in a bottle.
At home, I lived with a father who tasted wine, ice tea and ice cream for a living, yes, that's the creator of Flavors, "A Flavorist". Although it sounds glamorous now, he grew up in a poor household, had a tough childhood in a small town in India, no luxuries including food, but worked hard and made his way with a suitcase to NJ, to earn a PhD. I learned about perseverance, passion, hard work, determination, and entrepreneurship from my father. Throughout childhood, I was mesmerized with tastes, textures, combinations of flavor, cuisines and recipes. My talented mother entertained often to bring the best palette to the table, as expected of her perhaps. My passion  in food made me a double graduate in Food Science & Nutrition (Nashik, India and Montclair, New Jersey).  But that didn't come easy. When I was 16, my parents had lost their business and went through a bankruptcy.  Nothing was more devastating than seeing your home get taken away by a bank.  My Dad taught us not to lose a smile, have faith and keep inspired, just as he did it.... and so brilliantly. I decided to study part time, work full time and did it with dedication not for 1 or 2 years but for 8 years..... I did earn my Bachelors degree in Food Science followed by MBA in Marketing. 

In addition to my creative parents, I grew up around many architects and artists in my family, including my grandfather (Dada) who I always admired for not only making it big in life, but giving back to the world so much. He became the world famous Architect B.V. Doshi. Having a tough life, but gaining success, he spent many years teaching and even built several Architecture Schools. He leaves a legacy behind and many followers. This has always made me feel the need to do something other than earning a paycheck. 

Food and flavor are my passion, Fragrance became my world and Entrepreneurship runs in my family. In fragrance & flavor, I found a powerful language to express emotion. I knew about life enhancing experiences linked to forms of art. I realized, I was trained now to see color in scent, music in images, images in  fabric and experience "Synesthesia" that others couldn't do so easily. I learnt from many talented people around me and I was always inspired by entrepreneurs and their stories of success.

I created "SensMood" and "Perfume Your Wedding Day" to share the magic of sensorial experiences with you. So you can awaken your senses and discover the nuances of art and scent around us. I quit a high flying career in the perfume industry to give back to the community - my sense of scent knowledge. And seriously, there is so much more joy in giving than in getting....

Prena Mirchandani - (Prerana Parekh Mirchandani)

Founder & Fragrance Connoisseur