​​We can help you fragrance shop the perfect wedding day fragrance whether it is for brides, grooms, or wedding parties. 


Because weddings are the most memorable times. We spend our savings on our wedding day just to make the event perfect and we never think of capturing our wedding scent. 

Imagine remembering the Fragrance, Scent, Smell, Perfume..... of a moment that gets programmed in your brain like a photographic memory of your wedding... Yes, the Smell of your wedding day, captured in a bottle.

Because, we capture how we feel through scent memories and relive the moments over and over again, just if we could "capture the moment" 

Your Wedding Fragrances will remain with you forever to relive the wedding moments on every anniversary and build a timeline. 

So just imagine how important it is to take the time and money to invest in great fragrance for you to wear on your wedding day. Looking for ideas? Ask us to help you find the perfect Fragrance for all your wedding events. 

Now you may decide to go to Sephora or a department store before the wedding to do a sniff test for free, but there is no way they can accurately make a selection for you using the computerized programs to match your personality. Also they can never help you match it to your decor, personal style, wedding dress, theme, venue and wine at the rehearsal dinner!

So how does it work? Click here >>

Find your signature wedding day fragrance!

So Brides, are you confused and overwhelmed about what fragrance to select for the wedding? Here is how we can help make your wedding experience become a unique cohesive beautiful symphony.

We do all the work, analysis of wedding theme, personality test, smelling test, shopping experience at a store. You get to select your perfect fragrance!