Prena Mirchandani’s experience and training helps others to experience the memories that are stirred when they learn how the smell of coffee , or clean laundry or a chocolate chip cookie makes them happy.  These smells can trigger emotions that could make you feel happy or sad. Join us as Prena shares these important lessons.

Success Quote:
“Love the life you live and live the life you love ” by Bob Marley

Business Failure:
At times, as a start-up you knock on a lot of doors and a lot of people will say no and either they don’t get your idea or it’s not the right time or the right thing at a time for them to connect with.  So it’s interesting as a start-up you constantly are battling between trying to sell yourself, trying to create product, trying to market it and I’m also trying to brand it online.  For example I would say be promoting something that you think is right for your business and you go on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and then you get feedback from people who may not be what you are expecting; but I take that as a really good way of learning and saying the next time I’m gonna do it I want to do it this way or that way.  If we don’t get enough clicks on the link those are all signs.

Entrepreneurial AH-HA Moment:
One day I’m coming back from a business trip, rushing back to pick up my children from school and afraid of being late. I am waiting to see my kids and I’m impatient of course, that always happens when you get all the red lights.  I was so immersed in my thoughts and I waited for the light to turn green I saw that the traffic was still stopped.  There was a funeral passing by and it wasn’t even a long line of cars and I realized at that moment because I had to wait at the light for longer than I should have.  Then I realized these few minutes are not going to harm me by being late but at the same time somebody had died and it could happen to you at any time or any place and so life is short and I wanted to do something that was going to make an impact so that there was more cars for my funeral!

I wanted to do something that was not just bringing a paycheck and raising my family by contributing that was not just  the society but doing something that people can learn and understand and make that into their living,  a career, or just learn from what I knew.  If I could do that or help special needs kids or learning disability kids to learn with the sense of smell.  I think I would be so much more accomplished and happier than if I would just contribute to corporate so that was my thought process for that Ah-Ha moment.

I think special needs kids and the ADHD category of kids is so large right now in the society we live in and so I wanted to help some kids with sensory or sense of smell particularly as a tool to learn language or behaviors versus using traditional academic resources available to them.  Not every child learns the same way and I’m a believer that these kids can be gifted but they’re just categorized or sort of compartmentalized in these disorders in today’s society.  They could be inventors, or innovators of tomorrow.  I did help an autistic child last year and it probably was my most exciting time of SensMood.  He needed some help in trying to discover what smells triggered him, what smells made him feel calm and what made him feel more comforted.  I shared my knowledge with the parents, they approached me to find his happy smell.  Most smells are connected to your childhood memories and your family experiences. and connections.  Even siblings can have different experiences with smells.  That child resonated with his great-grandmother’s smell as being the most common for him.  I use different tools of different categories of perfume accords which are simpler perfumes, to figure out what triggered this boy’s happiness with his gestures, comments or his thoughts.  Then we narrowed it down to what was his most favorite or happy smell.  It was one of the best things I’ve ever done!

Current Business:
I approached Frank Lloyd Wright and I got to conduct a “perfume is an art” program.
I am super excited about the Scottsdale Culinary Festival coming up.  I will be doing two demos, one on April 16th,  Saturday and it’s at 4 o’clock. This demo features “flavor smell connection – scent + taste = flavor”.  On April 17th, at 4 o’clock,  “scent wine pairing” demo.  Check . Located at the Performing Arts Center
I want to bring about knowledge, awareness in the local community by doing workshops, team building events.  I think different ways of connecting with how others use a sense of smell is important.  At the end of the day I want to change people’s lives by doing what I do,  and if they go back home and try to think if I learned something today and realize the smell of coffee makes me happy or laundry or a chocolate chip cookie – because these things can trigger these emotions that could make you feel happy or sad.  If I walk away with people learning that about themselves and they are more aware of their surroundings, I think I’ve achieved my vision that I want to deliver to people.

Small Business Resource:
I honestly love the QuickBooks software and the app but I know most people think of it as for your taxes and accounting but I use that constantly, and the app is phenomenal.  You can create invoices on the go; it’s great because you can do it right off the app.  I use it very much.

Best Business Books:
“The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki


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