Our workshops  help build camaraderie and ice breakers within professional team members. 

​Discover yourself!

Team Building Events in Scottsdale

Experience the Art Driven, Team Building Events in Scottsdale. 
Our creative workshops are designed for all those who are not artists!
We can build workshops for a small or large group or tie an event into a community charity.

We can make it happen in 2 hours or engage it to make a 2 day event.

SensMood brings great value to corporations by bringing successful professionals together,  to gain a new perspective about each other. The workshops build awareness of our surroundings,  through the language of perfumery. We will help you build better "Emotional Intelligence" skills, which is directly linked to Decision Making in the workplace. Participants will walk away with gaining the ability to identify a moment, enhance their surroundings, bring perspective of their colleagues in the workplace and have a memorable fun filled experience! 

1. We will build a customized program  specifically designed for your team based on personalities, industry and related department issues suggested.
2. We will help the team gain a new perspective of others, using the language and art of perfumery and many other tools. We will also follow up with a report!
3. We know that we can get the toughest individuals to begin talking to each other using their sense of smell and olfactive memory. We all are olfactively connected with similar memories in and around us. SensMood can help you to recognize and articulate these emotions. You learn to build vocabulary using the 5 senses together. 
4. We can assure your team will walk away with a unique experience and a sensorial journey.

We also host sensational Scent, Wine & Dinner Events for those interested in an exclusive fine event!

Session Rates

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