​​​​​​​"What a great presentation. We think you have some brilliant ideas and we are so excited to pair Flavor, Scent & Wine with SensMood."                                                                        -Brad K, Executive Chef

"....a brilliant concept and presentation showcased. Love the fact that you are doing something for a local community and giving back is a big part of your business. "
 - Cathy Carter, School Headmaster

"Prena excels at her profession. She has a great depth of knowledge and expertise, which she is happy to share. She is highly creative yet spot on in her recommendations. Prena is also very personable and manages to get along well with all personality types with patience and understanding. She is an asset to any team and works tirelessly to ensure success."                      - Wendy Hamman, Service Provider 

"..... Prena is passioned about her work and the fragrance universe. Punctual and well organized, she keeps a sharp eye, but realizes the importance of excellence in the fragrance development. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as she is, driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency. On top of it she has a contagious and friendly attitude, which makes working with her a pleasure."                                                                                                             - Piero Savio, Business Partner 

"I loved the Innocent Minds, Fragrance Art Workshop.  Kids were not bored for even a second, they were constantly engaged in creative activities. Awesome for all ages."        - Pooja M, parent of 9 yr old

Fragrance Workshop was so much fun. I really liked the parts where we had to guess the smells and flavors.... "                                                                                                       
- 11 yr old student @ Basis Phoenix

"...my favorite was the Paint a Fragrance activity. I loved the teacher very much. But most of all I had so so so much fun learning something new."  
- 8 yr old student @ Archway Classical Scottsdale

​​​"Lively and excellent presenter, keeping audience engaged and helping to sharpen the awareness of inter-relationships of smell, taste, emotion etc. Enjoyed the interactive format of a great workshop. Lovely interesting visuals and scents ."                                                                         -Jamie A, Senior Architect,

Talesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture School

"...Very informative and exciting. I learnt a lot about memory, sensation and connection with childhood experiences of sensations. I love the fact that it was so well connected to Architecture."

-Michael Desbarres, Academic Director,  

Talesin West, at Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture School  

​"Amazing presentation. Just wanted to express how excited we were about your ideas and the ease in engaging with you...."  

Lisa Theriault, Product Specialist

Neiman Marcus

"What an experience to meet with you and get introduced to your fascinating world. I will keep my ears and eyes open for opportunities and open minded people who would greatly benefit from your unique programs."

Otto Siegel, M.Ed., MCC
Speaker, Author, Genius Coach